Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavors — Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate-Vanilla Twist, Black Raspberry, Black Raspberry-Vanilla Twist
SM 2.53, MED 3.05, LG 3.65
Hard Ice Cream Flavors
Mint Chocolate Chunk, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry

SM 2.88, MED 3.31, LG 3.96
Sherbet (Orange, Lemon, Raspberry, Watermelon)

SM 2.53, MED 3.05, LG 3.65
Custard (Vanilla & Chocolate)
SM 2.88, MED 3.31, LG 3.96
Soft Serve Non-Fat, No Sugar Added, Yogurt Flavors (Flavor Burst)

Vanilla, Vanilla-Dole whip Twist, or Vanilla swirled with Green Apple, Purple Grape, Blue Goo, Strawberry, Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Bubble Gum or Coffee ‘N Cream
SM 2.88, MED 3.31, LG 3.96
Dole Whip Flavors — Flavors rotate between Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Raspberry, Mango & Chocolate Frostline
(Lowfat, low calorie, non-dairy flavors)
SM 2.88, MED 3.31, LG 3.96
Dip Tops — Twinkle Kote & Sprinkles — Dip Tops: Chocolate, Cherry, Peanut Butter, Blue Raspberry, Bubble Gum & Butterscotch;
Sprinkles: Rainbow & Chocolate
SM 2.82, MED 3.49, LG 4.16
Fruit Shortcakes — Cherry, Blueberry, Peach Cobblers, Strawberry Shortcake and Hot Apple Pie served on a buttermilk biscuit
W/ Ice Cream 5.00, w/ Yogurt, Dole or Hard Ice Cream 5.45
Banana Splits — Toppings on vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Small: Chocolate sauce and strawberries; Large: Chocolate sauce, strawberries & pineapple

SM 5.60 LG 6.30 (with Ice Cream)
SM 6.09, LG 6.60 (with Yogurt, Dole or Hard Ice Cream)
Old Fashioned Sodas — Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Cherry, Root Beer, Mocha, Lemon, Pineapple, Crème De Menthe, Coffee, Pina Colada, Pistachio

SM 3.31 LG 3.92 (with Ice Cream) SM 3.52, LG 4.05 (with Yogurt, Dole & Hard Ice Cream)

Floats — Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mug Root Beer

SM 3.10 LG 3.71 (with Ice Cream),
SM 3.40 LG 3.91 (with Yogurt, Dole & Hard Ice Cream)

Sundaes — Hot Fudge, Hot Butterscotch, Hot Apple, Chocolate, Pineapple, Black Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Marshmallow, Raspberry, Cherry, Walnut, Peach, Mexican
(Fat free and sugar free hot fudge also available.)

REG $4.33, SUPER 5.60 (with Ice Cream),
REG 4.89, SUPER 6.12 (with Yogurt, Dole, or Hard Ice Cream)
Gourmet Sundaes
• Turtle: Hot fudge, caramel, pecans
• Peanut Butter Cup: Hot fudge, peanut butter, peanut butter cups
• Reese’s Pieces: Hot fudge, peanut butter, Reese’s Pieces
• PBJ: Peanut butter, raspberry, crushed nuts
• CMP: Chocolate, marshmallow, Spanish peanuts
• Fluffer Nutter: Peanut butter, marshmallow, crushed nuts
• Black Forest: Chocolate ice cream, chocolate, black cherry, crushed nuts
• Half Moon: Twist ice cream, chocolate, marshmallow, crushed cookies
• S’More: Chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackers
• Brownie Fudge: Brownie, hot fudge
• Elvis: Twist, peanut butter, fudge, banana
ONE SIZE 5.50 (with Ice Cream)
6.10 (with Yogurt, Dole & Hard Ice Cream)
Trash Cans: Plastic trash can, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, “dirt,” gummy worm, whipped cream, candy eyes
ONE SIZE 5.00 (with Ice Cream)
5.45 (with Yogurt, Dole or Hard Ice Cream)
Fruit Smoothies — Ice, milkshake, fruit and flavored syrup available in Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Pina Colada, Chocolate and Chocolate-Banana
5.25 (Non-fat w/Greek Yogurt)
Slush — Cherry, Orange, Grape, Lemon Lime, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Root Beer
SM 1.65 MED 1.85 LG 2.10
Glaciers — Slush topped with ice cream, sherbet or yogurt
SM 3.31 LG 3.92 (with Ice Cream), SM 3.62, LG 4.18 (with Yogurt, Dole, or Hard Ice Cream)


Also Available:

Ice Cream & Yogurt Cakes (24 Hour Notice) Ice Cream) 5-inch 15.00, 7-inch 18.00, 9-inch 22.00
(Yogurt or Dole) 5-inch 18.00, 7-inch 20.00, 9-inch 25.00
Quarts & Pints of Ice Cream & Yogurt (no sugar added vanilla yogurt)
Ice Cream Qt 4.70
Ice Cream Pt 3.95
Yogurt, Dole or Hard Ice Cream Qt 5.60
Yogurt, Dole or Hard Ice Cream PT 4.75
Flurries — Flurries can be made with ice cream or yogurt. Candy choices include: Peanut M & M’s, Reese’s Pieces, Butterfinger, Nestlé’s Crunch, Cookies ‘N Cream, M & M’s, Chocolate Chips, Nerds, Gummy Bears, Whoppers, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Brownie Bits, Heath Bar, Snickers, Andes Candies, Peppermint, Birthday Cake, Mint Chocolate Chip
REG 4.69 SUPER 6.16 (with Ice Cream)
REG 5.20 SUPER 6.78 (with Yogurt or Dole)
Gourmet Flurries
• Baker’s Dream: Twist ice cream, brownie bits, cookie dough, crushed nuts
• Caramel Apple Pie: Hot apple, caramel, graham crackers
• Cherry Orchard: Black cherries, brownie bits, almonds
• Hawaiian Treat: Strawberries, banana, coconut
• Muddy Buddy: Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, hot fudge, peanuts
• Panda Paws: Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cups, hot fudge, white chocolate chips
• Pond Bottom: Gummy fish, chocolate chips, peanut butter cups
• Rocky Road: Chocolate ice cream, white chocolate chips, almonds, mini-marshmallows
• Rusty Roof: Caramel, hot fudge, chocolate covered peanuts
• Strawberry Banana: Strawberries, banana, chocolate chips
REG 5.80 SUPER 7.65 (with Ice Cream)
REG 6.32 SUPER 8.36 (with Yogurt or Dole)
Ice Cream Sandwiches — Chocolate Chip Cookie and Sprinklewich 
Chocolate Chip Cookie & Sprinklewich 3.05 each
Colossal Cookiewich 4.99 each
Wafer Cookiewich 1.40 each
Milk Shakes — Available in Old Fashioned Soda and Gourmet Flavors

SM 3.50 LG 4.02 (with Ice Cream)
SM 3.97 LG 4.58 (with Yogurt or Dole)

Gourmet Milk Shakes
SM 4.20 LG 4.69 (with Ice Cream)
SM 4.58 LG 5.25 (with Yogurt or Dole)
Split Shakes
(2 Flavors) SM 4.50 LG 4.97 (with Ice Cream)
Cold Brew Float